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You Know You're An Event Planner If . . .

You know you are an event planner if . . .

- Your five-year-old knows what an RFP is

- You forget to take in the moment at your friend's wedding because you are calculating what they spent

- You wear your gym shoes with your business suit

- You have more cups of coffee than hours of of sleep per 24 hour period

- You talk to your vendors more often than you talk to your mother

- Your dining room table is a showroom of logo branded mugs, planners, note pads, tote bags . . .

Gracie & Lacy Event Planner Humor Corporate Entertainer Speaker East Coast

- You'd be willing to sift through a landfill to find your missing checklist

- Family fun time is filling out name badges

- You can open doors and turn off lights with your toes because your hands are always full

- You chose peanut M&Ms from the vending machine as your dinner because of the protein

- You excused yourself from the table on a date to check out the special event space

- You own at least 12 Sharpie pens

- You elope for your own wedding

- You ask your family if they want chicken, beef, or fish for dinner

- You hate people with food allergies

- You are reading this article while eating dinner, watching TV and checking your email

Wishing you the best this event season!

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