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1920s Entertainers

With the centennial of the Roaring Twenties upon us in 2020, many destination management companies, meeting planners, and event planners are searching for 1920s event ideas. You might ask, who were the popular entertainers of the 1920s? Who are current entertainers that perform the hits of the 1920s? Where can I find Flapper Dancers or Jazz Bands for hire?

Popular Entertainers of the 1920s...

Duke Ellington

Ella Fitzgerald,

Louie Armstrong

Mary Pickford

Charlie Chaplin

Benny Goodman

Jelly Role Morton

Jimmy Durante

To name a few!

Current Entertainers That Perform 1920s Style...

You have come to the right place! Gracie & Lacy and the Legends Band specialize in 1920s Era Entertainment. Gracie & Lacy can help you great that Gatsby-inspired ambiance with elegant music for your cocktail hour, or a full show - perfect for after-dinner entertainment. The sisters can even get your audience dancing like Flapper Dancers to The Charleston! Contact us for questions.

Need 1920s Party Planning Ideas?

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