About Gracie & Lacy

Gracie and Lacy developed their love for music at a young age.  When they were 8 and 10 years old, they went to see a show on the Goldenrod Showboat in St. Charles, MO.  Mesmerized and inspired, the girls posted audition notices and hung a bed sheet curtain across their garage door creating their own driveway theatre.  With a cast of 15 people under 12, they directed and produced their first musical.

Summer productions became and annual tradition, earning the name Broadway On The Driveway.  The driveway shows grew exponentially until traffic jams and a friendly visit from the local police “helped” Broadway On The Driveway decide it was time to find a larger performance venue.  Broadway on the Driveway grew and packed the house at local performing arts centers as casts of up to 90 young performers, a full orchestra, and technical crew presented family-friendly Broadway musicals to the community.


In response to growing entertainment requests, Gracie and Lacy began touring as a sister act in 1997.  Gracie & Lacy shows combine the sisters' love for tight harmony, retro fashion, tap dance, and the classic music of the Great American Songbook.  The show stands alone as a unique creation as many of the vintage inspired costumes are designed by Lacy, complimented by Gracie’s original choreography.


In 2014, Gracie and Lacy hit the scene in Charleston, SC, returning to their Charleston family roots.  It was over three centuries ago, that their Huguenot ancestors escaped persecution in France and created a new life in Charleston where they could experience religious freedom.  Prior to the Civil War, their ancestors operated several plantations and cultivated Sea Island Cotton.  This chapter of family history sadly includes the enslavement of hundreds of African Americans.  Gracie & Lacy endeavor to write a new legacy for their family by standing against racial injustice, believing firmly that God created all people equal and that every life is precious.  They are deeply grateful to the African American community for their influence on music and dance which are the very styles that they love and work to preserve.

About The Performers