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Meet Lacy


Lacy is a powerhouse vocalist known for her standing ovation renditions of Frank Sinatra's "My Way,"  Barbra Streisand's "Don't Rain On My Parade," and moving interpretation of the Michael W. Smith holiday ballad "All Is Well."  Lacy received her vocal training under Diane Huber, former president of Sweet Adelines International.

"'I Will Always Love You'

brought me to tears."

Pam Smith

N. Charleston Cultural Arts Dept.

Lacy oversees the costuming for the Gracie & Lacy shows and is often found behind a sewing machine covered in sequins.  Her "Home For Christmas" costume design story was featured in Threads Magazine ("Closures" - issue #179).  In 2017, her costuming caught the press as she re-purposed a fan's 1950s wedding gown for stage, wearing it for the debut of her original song, "Shh Baby, It's Christmas."  To date, she has overseen the design of over 6000 costumes.

Lacy loves to laugh, dance, design her own clothes, and write songs about the people and places she loves on her guitar and ukulele.  She has enjoyed a variety of stage and screen experience including roles such as Kathy Seldon (Singin' In The Rain), Hodel (Fiddler On The Roof), and Jo March (Little Women) and appearances on ABC and NBC, and work on a new project with HBO.  She has also had the opportunity to work with the St. Louis Muny - the largest amphitheater in America. 

Life goals include publishing her children's book series, putting the musical she co-wrote with Gracie on Broadway, opening a New York-style music venue in Charleston, and singing a duet with Josh Groban (although he doesn't know it yet)!  She also prays that her role in the arts will bring her opportunities to uplift and inspire hope in the world. 

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