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What The Event Planner Lived To Tell

Gracie & Lacy Event Planner Humor

Good news! If you are reading this it means you have survived being an event planner thus far. Chances are you have more than one story of unexpected event occurrences ranging from the frightful to the hilarious. Here are a few to get us started - feel free to post yours in the comments section below.

- That time when the production coordinator almost bought spiked lemonade for the children by accident.

- The time when the volunteer assumed that spray paint was some how intelligent and would find only the object being painted and not the brand new sidewalk of the performing arts center!

- The time when the decorator mis-read that the theme was a dessert theatre and designed a desert theatre, complete with cactuses and sombreros!

- The time I intercepted an email from a disgruntled attendee that our "director was not going to heaven."

- The time a child pulled out a few of their teeth to get Tooth Fairy money to buy snacks from the snack bar.

- The time when I turned off the lights to lock up after an event at a church and got a cold call from the pastor the next day as I had apparently also switched off the baptismal heater.

- The time the volunteer forgot to give their backstage tour, and I walked back to see an 8-year-old cast member standing on a chair giving a tour to 20 people!

- The time the venue waxed the floor after the tap dancer's sound check . . .

- The time the power went out and one of the performers had to escape mid-floor from an elevator to get to their cue on time.

- The time the Mayor gave the use of the town venue to a charity and forgot to clear it with the city.

Now for YOUR stories. Post below and remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! #EventProfs MeetingProfs #Humor

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