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The Secret Life of Event Planners

Admit it #Eventprofs . . .

  1. You are adept at turning off light switches with your toes because your hands are full.

  2. You have 2-3 polite, generic response phrases that you say to folks so you can multi-task the 100 other things in your brain.

  3. When you see a troublemaker coming, you grab a clip board and put an intense, busy look on your face as a deterrent.

  4. You plan more meals than you ever eat.

  5. You love going to the dentist because it's the one time you actually sit and relax.

  6. You have a back-up for your back-up plan.

  7. You love to tape signs on things.

  8. You are the only one who leaves a conference of 5000 under-socialized.

  9. Instead of watching the speaker, you watch the audience watch the speaker.

  10. ________________________________ Your turn! You fill in #10 with your secret event planner confession in the comments section.

Happy event planning!

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