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An Insiders Top 3 Pro Booking Tips

Mar A Lago Event Entertainment Palm Beach FL

So you missed one lousy meeting, and your co-workers gave you the leftover task nobody else wanted. You have just learned you are now in charge of booking the upcoming corporate convention entertainment. Sounds easy enough - Google . . . click. Corporate entertainment . . . click. Yikes! Narrow it down . . . let’s see, theme . . . Hollywood click. Town . . . Orlando, FL click. Singers and dancers click. Oh boy, I need some help here. Breathe in, breathe out . . . sound familiar?

1. Let’s see if we can make this a little easier. First, what is the purpose of the event? Usually, there is an underlying goal of creating a fun, memorable event while promoting team-building, and recognition of accomplishments. First on your checklist should be entertainment that does corporate events for a living, and understands how to work with you to fulfill this purpose. Professional corporate entertainers know the do’s and don’ts:

  • Do arrive on time

  • Do wear professional attire

  • Do provide a technical rider for technical needs

  • Do engage the audience

  • Do know their material

  • Do adapt to your theme / brand

  • Don’t perform material that could be offensive

  • Don’t change what you agreed to at the last minute

  • Don’t put bags of fast food on your guest tables

  • Don’t throw gear and water bottles all over the stage

  • Don’t play games and text all night on their device

2. Next, look at your budget. Can you afford to fly the entertainment in? Provide ground transportation? Meals? Hotel? If you need to trim, look for professional entertainers that are within driving distance. Perhaps those with fewer people that won’t need multiple hotel rooms. You can save money in these ways without cutting the quality of the performance itself.

3. Now that you have narrowed your search, consider your theme. Whether it is Gatsby, Patriotic, Hollywood, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc., there are some great professionals out there to choose from. Keep in mind, some don’t mind personalizing their show a bit to promote your brand. Others may also offer emcee work, announcing awards, master classes, workshops or playing dance music to round out the night.

Good luck! Drop us a line and tell us your stories - there’s always a story!

Sallie is an events and entertainment professional with SSL Entertainment / The Gracie & Lacy Show based in Charleston, SC.

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