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4 Unforgettable Holiday Event Ideas!

Gracie & Lacy Holiday Christmas Entertainers Charleston SC

4 Unforgettable Holiday Event Ideas!

1. Make it SNOW on your audience! Snow machines are reasonable to rent and make a great effect. TIP: don't use on hard floor (slippery), and don't run during a speaker unless it has a soft fan.

2. Create cozy FIREPLACE scenes. Arrange couches and chairs into conversational spaces centered around a real or faux fireplace. If you have a knack for crafting, check out Tobin Lake studios - they make a great faux fireplace kit - we have used them in the past. Use a faux glowing electric log and maybe even a "crackling" sound effect.

3. Interactive CENTERPIECES. Provide beautiful bowls or jars stocked with cranberries and popcorn for your guests to string.

4. S"ELF"ie PHOTO BOOTH. S-ELFie stations could be your typical photo booth with elf accessories or a life size elf scene with face cut outs.

Need more ideas? We're always happy to share!

Lacy Miller

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