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Easy Stage Decor - Christmas Tree

Enjoy this tip from The Gracie & Lacy Christmas Show for elegant, easy, and portable set designs. Do you have a design you'd like to share? We'd love to hear what our colleagues are dreaming up! Email us at:

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

No more scratchy wire branches and vacuuming up pine needles. Gracie & Lacy's road manager, Sallie, designed this collapsible, foldable, and oh-so-beautiful Christmas tree for the "Christmas on the Air" set. Here's what you'll need:

- One pipe and drape base and pole

- Green Shimmera party fabric (a little more than twice the length of your pole)

- Wire coat hanger

- Green tulle ribbon (four times the length of your pole)

- Gold glitter fun foam or paper

- Stapler

- Weights

- Star or tree topper

- Christmas lights with green wire (a little more than four times the length of your pole)

- S Hook or inexpensive wreath hanger

- Safety pins

Tree Directions:

The tree pictured was 9' tall. I cut two lengths of shimmera, each about 20' long.

Have someone help you fan fold each long-ways, then fold in half.

Bend coat hanger into long oval with the hook at top.

Slip both fabrics thru neatly.

Hang the hanger into top of pole.

Next, bring out the sides to desired width and anchor with a weight on back side.

Adjust the rest of the tree, adding weights as needed.

Easy Decorations:

Cut 6" diameter circles out of glitter foam or craft paper.

Cut 5 lengths of green tulle ribbon the height of your tree.

Staple the ornaments onto ribbon in a staggered pattern.

Safety pin to top of tree and fan out to cover the tree.


Secure a lighted star to top of pole and attach extention cord, taping wire to back of pole.

Use an S hook, or wreath hanger to hang long strands of lights down the back of tree. You may want to secure the wire to the floor to help "fan" them out as you go.

Bonus idea!

If you have theatrical lighting in you venue, add green lighting to the tree to enhance the color even more.

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