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Original Song "I Can't Breathe"

CHARLESTON, SC - Sisters Gracie & Lacy have released an original song, "I Can't Breathe" in the wake of George Floyd's death. The duo harmonize and accompany themselves on guitar and piano, communicating powerful and timely lyrics. The words and music were written by younger sister Lacy, who was moved to write the piece after seeing the hashtag #icantbreathe in a news report detailing the tragic scene of George's final moments.

"The song really wrote itself," Lacy said of the birth of the piece which took shape in less than 10 minutes.

It was after 1AM, and Lacy was glad to find her sister still at the keyboard. Tuning up her white guitar, she and Gracie smoothed out the transitions and created the accompaniment.

"It took several tries to get a recording because the song is just so emotional for me. I hope if it ever reaches George's family, they will feel love and peace." Lacy said.

The lyrics, "I can't breathe, if you can't breathe, and if we can't breathe, how can there ever be peace on earth?" speak a message of unity. A poignant line rings out "If the whole wide world were blind, we'd see so much clearer..." Truly, "everyone deserves to be, and everyone deserves to breathe."


Gracie & Lacy are a vocal and dance performance duo based in Charleston, SC, USA.

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Awesome song, ladies: Though I could not hear all the words (sitting with elderly mom in hospice who turns the TV on really LOUD); I could hear the important ones (the chorus)!

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