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Holiday Party Ideas For 2018

Gracie & Lacy in Candy Cane Dresses
Top Holiday Party Ideas!
  • Book Gracie & Lacy . . . unless of course, you'd rather be chosen to play Santa, and promise kids things their parents can't afford . . .

  • Ice Skating - Be sure your liability insurance covers this. Make sure all employees over 25 wear a helmet and use a walker. Purchase knee pads, elbow pads, and hire medical professionals to stand by.

  • Hot Chocolate Bar - Better yet, Lukewarm Chocolate Bar - you know what happened with that McDonald's coffee suit. Make sure you have insulated sippy cups and thermometers for all.

  • Gingerbread House Making - Be sure this is inclusive of all by providing gluten free gingerbread, dye free candy, sugar free candy manufactured in a nut-free environment. Check all packaging and material for BPAs and place harm-free mouse traps.

  • Go Christmas Caroling - Don your Dickens-inspired garb, perform background and sobriety checks on all carolers (you know what Egg Nog can do), check the local Sex Offender list before you go knocking on just any door . . .

  • Decorating Party - Be sure to have all possible winter holidays represented. Remember to post harassment policies next to all mistletoe.

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