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Gracie & Lacy's NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry - "Ode To Folly Boat!"

Gracie & Lacy have entered the NPR Tiny Desk Contest with, "Ode To Folly Boat!" The original song composed by Lacy tells the story of a boat that washed ashore near Folly beach after Hurricane Hugo. Over the years islanders have used it as a community billboard painting murals and writing messages on it. The artwork was sometimes new every day - announcing everything from proposals, to birthdays, anniversaries, and even paying tribute to the Emmanuel Nine.

Hurricane Irma swept the Folly Boat away in 2017 leaving behind a few paint marked trees and shrubs where it used to stand in a marshy area along Folly Rd. Enjoy the song inspired by our lost local icon:

Gracie & Lacy's 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Entry - Ode To Folly Boat

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