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Celebrating 20 Years As A Sister Act

Thank you!

Friends, Family, Fans, and Entertainers packed the house Sunday for our Grand Soirée, celebrating 20 Yrs. as a sister act!

If you missed it, here’s a re-cap:

JAMES ISLAND - Following brunch with the talented Gary Pecorella, pianist Lisa Smith took the stage with Gracie & Lacy to open the celebration with hits from the Great American Songbook. Next, a visit from Noodle and Eden of The V-Tones delighted the audience as we watched a ukelele do more than we imagined it could! Then, Charleston’s legendary singing chef, Robert Dickson, emerged singing and operatic “Food, Glorious Food” as he presented the cake.

A hush came over the room as Zandrina Dunning sang a powerful rendition of “At Last” accompanied by Gary Hill on the keys. Of course, there had to be an encore, so Gary and Zandrina delivered a moving “Summertime” bringing tears to the eyes of many.

Gary Hill remained at the grand piano as the stage filled to the brim with Gracie & Lacy and the Legends Swing Band whose members include Brad Bolchoz on the drums, Jeff Narowicz on the upright bass, Bill McSweeney on the trombone, and Stephen Berry on the trumpet - or as Gracie & Lacy fans call him, “Stevie B!” The set included a traditional rendition of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” followed by Gracie & Lacy’s humorous rap version. Next Gracie broke out the tap shoes for a razzamatazz dance of “The Charleston.” Gary and Lacy changed the pace with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with Lacy’s Judy Garland impersonation, and Gary’s Wizard-Of-Oz-inspired arrangement. The set climaxed as all musical folks in the house were invited to grab an instrument or a microphone for an epic “Oh When The Saints” to which the whole house joined in in singing and clapping along.

To the absolute delight of the audience, the 2017 Young American Songbook Star, Krista Cheatam shared her latest vocal favorite, “I Enjoy Being A Girl.” But the fun didn’t stop there, as she then invited her talented brothers to join her for a delightful trio of “Hallelujah.” The next guest, the multi-talented Jay White (of Why Is Rock n Roll?) had the audience in stiches as he sang and played his way through the musical-isms of the 1980s with artistic and comedic perfection.

Gracie & Lacy announced the 2018 presentation of the concert version of their original, Broadway-style musical, “The Four Freedoms,” based on the life of illustrator Norman Rockwell. Guest pianist and long-time friend and collaborator Michael Ramshaw accompanied Lacy on the musical’s theme, “The Painter’s Song” which was written by Gracie. The piece was followed by Lacy singing “I’ll Always Belong To You” a song written by Michael Ramshaw, inspired by his wife Shauna, that is also featured in “The Four Freedoms.”

Gracie & Lacy were delighted to see pianist Susan McAdoo in the house and she captured the entire room with her dynamic piano performace. Another master of the keys, John Wholstetter, shared a performance as well with an intricate piece he had comitted to memory with no need of sheet music.

Thank you to all who made this celebration so memorable for Gracie & Lacy. Special thanks to John Sheppard, The How Art Thou? Staff, Lowcountry Live, Floral Design by Faith, Sallie the Sound Lady, and all of the Gracie & Lacy friends, family and fans!

Thank you Linda D. and Zandrina D. for the photos!

More photos to come - follow us on

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