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Planning A Gatsby Event In Charleston!

As the song says, "nothin' could be finer, than to be in Carolina," particularly when you are planning a corporate dinner or special event in Charleston!

Venue Ideas:

Find a historic venue that echoes the Art Deco glitz and glam of the 1920s and 1930s to give your guests that full #Throwback experience - here are a few Gracie & Lacy particularly like:

The American Theatre (Patrick Properties)

The Experience:

Encourage guests to dress up! This theme is particularly fun and easy so suggesting costumed attire gives you some great photo opportunities. For the ladies a glitzy cocktail dress can be 1920s-ified by adding long pearls, a bejeweled headband and feather, and long gloves. For the gents, a pinstripe suit will set the tone, add a fedora, snazzy tie, and heck maybe even a faux cigar. Make things extra simple by directing folks to Charleston's premier costume rental, Hokus Pokus.

The Grand Entrance can be achieved by arrivals in classic vintage automobiles, as "paparazzi" make guests feel like movie stars. You might even consider a living red carpet - that's right, no typo here, there are entertainers who wear long red gowns with extensions that unfurl into a royal carpet. Be sure there is Hot Jazz music in the air from the first moment your attendees set foot on site - whether live or piped in, it will surely set the tone.

The Decor is already well on its way if you selected a historic venue. Consider glittery table accessories and feathery centerpieces. Black and white with a metallic accent is popular to recreate the simple elegance of the Art Deco Era. Faux or real palm trees are to be desired. Be sure to use vintage fonts when creating place cards and menus. If you have a speaker or entertainment, you can go all out with sequin pipe and drape fabric on the stage - a source we have used GZ ShinyBeauty via Amazon.

The Entertainment is generally well-suited after dinner, during dessert. Flapper dancers, gangsters, and crooners bring this theme to life. Of course, Gracie & Lacy specialize in 1920s variety show entertainment for special events and corporate events, we can even get your CEO doing "The Charleston!" Don't hesitate to ask for details and suggestions:

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