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The Return of the Variety Show

Gracie & Lacy - Entertainers Singers Dancers Charleston SC

​What is a Variety Show?

A variety show is a performance consisting of various different types of acts. In contrast with a play that follows a storyline, or a concert that is built around musical pieces, a variety show could have an acting sketch, a musical number, an acrobatic stunt, etc. These types of shows have been popular entertainment avenues for both stage and television.

Variety Shows Then

Back in the "good old days" variety shows were a popular form of entertainment. Many showbiz greats got their start by performing what was known as the Vaudeville Circuit. Individuals or groups would form an "act" and hit the road for weeks, even months, performing the same well perfected material at various theaters all over the country.

Sibling and family groups, such as Fred & Adele Astaire, Aboot & Costello, or the Marx brothers were common names on the playbill. Acts consisted of anything from slap-stick comedy, to dance teams, vocal groups, freak shows, acrobatics, and everything in between. TV Shows like the famous Ed Sullivan show also used the variety format to keep their audiences on the edge of their seats.

Variety Shows Now

Yes they still exist! Many of them have their own home theaters in entertainment meccas like Branson, MO or LasVegas, NV. Performers like The Osmonds and Lennon Sisters continue to produce the late Mr. Andy Williams' Christmas show. Sibling and family groups like the Haygoods and Duttons incorporate their musical talent, choreography, snazzy sequined costumes into one big rollicking performance. Showboats like the Branson Belle are also known to keep the variety show tradition alive. Rumour has it that Harry Connick Jr. is launching a new TV musical variety show in the fall of 2016. A recent experiment on Broadway proved that a magic and illusion variety show could compete with popular musical theater.

Influenced by the great American Vaudevillians, SSL Entertainment's premier sister act, Gracie & Lacy bridge the generations with a glittering variety show for all ages. Performances in their hometown often feature specialty guest performers of various artistic disciplines. To learn more visit:

SSL Entertainment manages corporate / theatrical entertainers "Gracie & Lacy" and the "Legends Swing Band." For more information:

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