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Corporate Entertainment - Incorporate YOUR Brand Into The Act!

Gracie & Lacy - Entertainers Singers Dancers Charleston SC

Whether you are gearing up for a client appreication, awards night, convention, trade show, meeting or holiday party; booking unique entertainment will make your event memorable. Here are some of ways a performer can emphasize your mission, theme, and brand.

1. Live Commercial

This is our #1 favorite way to help a business stand out. Write a short and catchy script and ask your Master of Ceremonies, entertainer, or bandleader to work it into the act. Here at SSL Entertainment, our premier act is vintage duo, Gracie & Lacy, so our artists present live commercials in classic old-time-radio style. Offering a coupon, gift, or special exclusive to the audience can help you track results.

2. Jingle

Want your guests to leave singing your brand? It is amazing what a snappy little tune and a few well-crafted lyrics can do. Many singers and musicians are also songwriters and may be more than happy to pen a little tune just for you! If your entertainment is multi-talented they may even jazz it up with harmony and choreography.

3. Static Slide / Video Slide

If your entertainer is unable to create a live commercial or jingle for you, opt for video or static slides to run at key times throughout the event. Be sure the screens are placed in the correct sightlines and don't forget to test with the exact lighting that will be used in the show - you don't want anything to be washed out. Adding in clever humour to your ad or video will also captivate the audience and make them watch for your next ad.

4. Specialty Act

Often specialty songs and dance routines can be easily modified to feature a brand or theme. For instance, at a convention of culinary enthusiasts we may ask Gracie to wear a chef costume instead of a tuxedo for her tap number. If the Red Cross has a vintage uniform theme, it is no trouble at all to add a red and white red cross apron to Gracie & Lacy's red dresses. During campaign season, renacting radio star Gracie Allen's run for president in a comedy sketch combines both the vintage and the relevant. For a convention of pilots, opening with a hit like Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me" is just one more way to convey your message while entertaining your guests.

SSL Entertainment manages corporate / theatrical entertainers "Gracie & Lacy" and the "Legends Swing Band." For more information:

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