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Going To Church Pandemic-Style

It is a beautiful summery Sunday in Charleston, SC. In the olden days, also known as the pre-pandemic era, you would have found me at my usual church service worshiping with my family and friends, listening to a meaningful sermon and often sharing a meal afterward. I mustn’t forget another important part of my Sunday routine - dressing up, fixing my hair and even putting on make-up. Funny how we can actually miss spending that extra 30 minutes to make ourselves look like we don’t normally look.

Enter the pandemic. Everything about my Sunday routine came to a screeching halt . . . until this week. It dawned on me last night that I do not need to sit inside my house in order to enjoy our church service. There are so many beautiful parks, beaches and outdoor spaces that would be more inspiring. After an internet search, I found several locations in Charleston that have free wi-fi.

I chose the pier at Waterfront Park to take advantage of the breeze, free parking (Concord St.) and shaded swings.

I woke up early, donned a breezy dress, put a barrette in my hair, added make-up (the kind that doesn’t rub off in my mask, of course), a little jewelry and headed downtown with my poodle and ipad. Feeling a bit like Goldilocks, after a couple of trial locations, “this one is too hot,” or “this one is not getting a good signal,” I found a roomy swing to be “just right” and caught the live feed right on time. It is always comforting to see familiar faces on the worship team, and hear a challenging sermon from my favorite pastor. It was a refreshing experience.

On the way home, I was already planning for next week. I am going to invite whom I call my “Covid Circle.” These are my friends who are similarly careful about wearing masks and social distancing. I will also bring coffee and pick up delicious cinnamon rolls from City Lights. Some paper fans might be appreciated, or a bluetooth speaker. Hmmm, I might also need a wagon!

Here are some of my next places to try:

  • Colonial Lake

  • Riverfront Park

  • White Point Garden

  • Hampton Park

  • Marion Square

  • Magnolia Park and Garden


Sallie Lacy is a lifestyle blogger for Gracie & Lacy's Today In Charleston Web Series. She loves traveling, taking beautiful walks with poodle "Brick," baking bread, and playing with her new grandson.

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