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Original Music By Gracie & Lacy 

Something magical happens when siblings collaborate on music.  Charleston singer-songwriters Gracie & Lacy are inspired by the musical heritage in their family.  During the Great Depression, Gracie & Lacy's great-grandfather, a Detroit musician, had to sell all of his music to provide for his family - that music was never found. 


On the other side of the family, Gracie and Lacy's great grandmother, a single mother who worked for Quaker Oats, used to write lyrics on the backs of test kitchen sheets.  When she had saved enough money, she drove herself to a recording studio in Kansas City and had her demos made on 45 records.  While her music remains unpublished, it was pitched to both Elvis and Johnny Cash - the thank you letter from Cash's team remains in the family collection.  One of Grandma Murle's songs "Rat-A-Tat-Tat" is now featured in Gracie & Lacy's original musical The Four Freedoms - A Tribute To Norman Rockwell.

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