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Gracie & Lacy Emcee


You are not seeing double! The striking sister duo Gracie and Lacy will emcee your event with the elegance and grace of the Golden Era.  From hosting your awards ceremony, unveiling your brand or big announcement, to introducing your VIPs, Gracie & Lacy are the presenter’s choice to represent your organization with class and style!  With years of experience, Gracie & Lacy are also available to make live TV and radio interviews as brand ambassadors for your event. Emcee bookings are often paired with the National Anthem or Gracie & Lacy’s live entertainment package.

"You all made such a great impression"

Randall K. - Kennedy Capitol Management

"We have received a lot of amazing feedback from the event and your performance, so thank you again!"

Jenny F. - Absolutely Charleston

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