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Top 10 Reasons People Attend Events

Photo Courtesy of Shingo Awards Team

Hello #EventProfs and #MeetingProfs! It has been a while since I've posted. Why? Because I've been busy working some great events here on the east coast! I haven't forgotten about you, and I look forward to hearing your comments and additions to this list.

Here's the goal of this post: To help you get inside the mind of the attendee so you can craft the most rewarding, engaging, and profitable events!

1. Because their boss expects them to

2. To learn something valuable

3. To network

4. To make friends

5. To have an excuse to dress up

6. Eat good (maybe free) food & bev

7. Free stuff (i.e. prizes, swag bags, contests, etc.)

8. To be entertained

9. To meet a celebrity / leader in their field

10. To be inspired

Soooo . . . with that in mind, could you design an event to encompass all of the above? Perhaps you can add items to the list? Please do! I love hearing from you and learning from you, so post away!

Happy planning!

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