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Educational Programming

When sisters GRACIE & LACY were just 8 and 10 years old, they dreamed of going into show business.  They made a curtain out of bedsheets, hung it on a garden hose across their garage door, and “Broadway On The Driveway” was born . . . and yes, the fiddler was on the roof!  Today, Gracie & Lacy are sought after nationwide for both live performances and educational programing, drawing fans of all ages.  Educators love that Gracie & Lacy weave many SC Academic Standards into their glittering performances!

School Performances  |  Library Concerts  |  Summer Reading Programs  |  Museum Programs  |  Conference Programs  | Hispanic Heritage Observances  |  Black History Month  |  Women's History Month

Programs Available In Person or as Virtual Experiences!

"We had the best time with Gracie and Lacy today. Thank you to everyone who joined us!" #LibrariesRock

Leslie Koller - Dorchester County Library

WORKSHOP: Once Upon A Driveway

How “Broadway on the Driveway” launched Gracie & Lacy into show business!

With just a bed sheet strung on a garden hose for a curtain, eight and ten-year-old sisters Gracie & Lacy began putting on shows in their driveway.  They read books on singing, dancing, acting, and theater.  They learned how to paint scenery, build props, and sew costumes.  They learned teamwork and leadership as they directed what would soon become a team of over 150 volunteers attracting thousands of audience each year.  Students are enthralled as Gracie & Lacy give them a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work in show business. VIDEO

NEW: Fly Me To The Moon

Perfect for Libraries paricipating in this year's Universe of Stories Theme!

With rave reviews in NYC and hailed as one of "the most celebrated teams" in the Lowcountry, Gracie & Lacy reimagine the trailblazing phenomenon of the Apollo Moon Landing in their all new galaxy-inspired show. Experience the song and dance hits of 1969 as the sisters tell the story of the courageous astronauts who became the first humans to ever step foot on the moon. Which U.S. President inspired Apollo 11 eight years before it happened?  How heavy were the space suits worn by the astronauts?  Where can you go and touch a “piece of the moon” here on planet earth?  Audiences will have so much fun singing along, and maybe even dancing the moonwalk. . . they won’t even know they're learning!  VIDEO 

NEW: The Roaring Twenties

Life in America during the 1920s and Prohibition

From Prohibition to the ratification of the 19th Amendment allowing women the right to vote, the roaring twenties mark a period of dramatic cultural change in the United states.  The first “talking picture” arrived on the scene, and guys and dolls from coast to coast donned their fedoras and pearls joining The Charleston dance craze!  Students will learn historical highlights of the 1920s, dance The Charleston, and enjoy musical performances from the era.  

SHOW: Let Freedom Swing!

How Music & Dance Brought America Through World War II

National sister act and Golden Era preservationists Gracie & Lacy share the pivotal role that music, dance, and entertainment played in bringing America through World War II.  USO (United Service Organization) performers risked their lives to boost morale, instill hope, and promote patriotism.  Experience a complete throwback in time as Gracie & Lacy recreate a USO-style show, and share the fascinating history of the World War II Era.  VIDEO

SHOW: Christmas On The Air

Celebrate the Holidays the way American families did during the Golden Age of Radio

Meet the radio voices that entertained America through song, dance, and comedy!  What is the most popular Christmas song of all time?  What song stopped WWII on Christmas Eve?  What grow-up lady made millions pretending to be a baby?  What comic with an iconically large nose became one of the most beloved entertainers of the day?  Learn all of this and more in Gracie & Lacy’s heartwarming holiday extravaganza featuring live performance and history!

Additional Topics

Perfect for summer programs, assemblies, residencies

Whether you are looking for an hour, a day, or an extended residency of programming, Gracie & Lacy speak on various topics:  



The Charleston Dance

Swing Dance

Tap Dance

The Audition Process

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"The Gracie and Lacy WWII presentation is action-packed!  The ladies sing, dance, and teach their way into the hearts of students at all grade levels.  Their presentation reviews WWII curriculum standards including life on the US home front, fashion, culture, USO performances, supporting the GIs, letter writing to bring up the morale, the draft, and popular 1940s music.  Throughout the interactive performance, students learn to dance, play instruments to accompany the performers, and act as a soldier writing letters home during the war.  Students thrive and retain information through hands-on learning and this is the foundation of the Gracie and Lacy Show!" 

Mary Huffman, Carolina Park Elementary

2015 Teacher of The Year

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

"Gracie and Lacy know history and make it come alive through their performances...They have innovative ideas to mix music with many different educational areas, including all fine arts classes, social studies, physical education, and language arts.  Their talents in the visual and performing arts, costume and scene design, dance, choreography, and voice are extraordinary, and they cover so many South Carolina Standards." 

Meri Dupree

SC Educator & School Administrator (retired)

"...Grammar school age children were singing, and then following the dance steps performed by Gracie and Lacy on stage, and dancing, and loving every moment...Gracie and Lacy provide in their performances a live musical experience, with dance, and at the same time, share with the younger members of their audiences, the history behind the song, or how the dance is performed. It’s a great demonstration of teaching the arts on stage to music and dance!"

Linda Dennis

Founder, A Backpack Journalist

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