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Coburg Cow Gives Hurricane Dorian Update

CHARLESTON, SC - Locals diligently watch the news for Hurricane Dorian updates - they stock up on water, or as in Gracie & Lacy's case, frosting. However, it is not until the Coburg Cow comes down that folks begin to seriously consider evacuating (no offense Governor McMaster). Well, she has evacuated and the whole town is talking - hence the hashtag #thecowisdown.

The Coburg Cow has been a community icon for 60 years, sitting atop the vintage sign, and wearing a variety of seasonal capes and hats. When she feels like it she spins, other times she just watches over West Ashley - sitting beside a giant bottle of milk, chocolate milk, or egg nog. When her crew and crane arrive before a storm, it becomes big news - "Bessie" even has her own Facebook pages - one naming her as a monument and another entitled the "Coburg Cow Weather Report".

You can clearly see now why a song about the Coburg cow had to be written. The task was done, and local singing sister duo Gracie & Lacy have donned cowgirl attire and released a YouTube video for the Coburg Cow community to enjoy. Add it to your Hurricane Dorian playlist or pull out your guitar and sing it yourself. Be safe - enjoy!

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